Welcome to 421a.MOE!

Welcome to 421a.MOE!

In what is likely to be another failed attempt in reviving my blogging/commenting/photoshopping life, I have decided to move 421a off my person web domain and get the site it’s own domain, 421a.MOE!

Right now I am going through the work of both migrating the site from my old server to this one (I am going through and doing the posts manually for the sake of making sure all ends up okay and I don’t frag both sites), looking for content from my old, old, old blogs otakuphotog and ewink’s FUNKDAFIED anime blog, and trying to figure out what new content I can provide. There’s also a lot of logos, links, and whatnot I have to change to match the new site’s identity, so you might see some things that are wrong for a while. You can feel free to contact me to let me know these things!

While I may be anime blog #392,019,277,182, I hope to appeal to you through my use of swearing and an amazing sense of humor. Hope to see you back here soon!


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  1. I’m testing the commenting section here! Hopefully it doesn’t get spammed to all hell and I have to remove it or switch back to Disqus!

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