Twitter Tuesday #2

Twitter Tuesday #2

That’s right, I didn’t post anything over the weekend and I bet you all were like “I knew it. This idiot gave up already!” Well, shows what you know, this idiot is still here but was busy fapping and watching Game of Thrones (not always at the same time), so I was preoccupied.

With that image burned into your head till the end of existence, I bring you Twitter Tuesday! It’s the day where I relentlessly search Twitter using the search string ‘anime’ and then present other people’s ideas and content right here on my blog! You may have to actually work and expand the images to get the full pleasure of some of these.

The line between lolicon and statutory rapists is a fine one…

Bitch please. I remember having to order VHS tapes from some person in Japan if I wanted some non-Americanized anime! You kids today…


I took some video of myself running and can confirm that this is 100% accurate.

And finally, it’s time for some JList love! Remember, this is really NSFW so I’ve done you a favor and hidden it behind a spoiler tag!

[spoiler title=’Click to expand!’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]


Join me again next week (I hope!).

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