I generally don’t make resolutions on January 1st. The way I look at it, the first of January is too arbitrary of a point for making drastic life changes. Generally, I do my resolutions on April 22 – when I have physically completed a full orbit around the sun, in relation to the day when I actually began to exist.

That said, I will go ahead and make some resolutions this New Year’s Day. Why? Why not.

They are, in a random order determined by punching myself in the penis:

Become Less Fat

Easy enough, right? Well, I think the key to this one will be to lower and eventually eliminate my obsession with carbonated beverages. We’ll see.

Watch More Anime (Get a TV)

This one seems to contradict the previous one, however, I never resolved to get into shape or become some triathlete. Get in shape is the result of exercise. Get less fat is the result of diet.

Regardless, I still have a TV sitting in my living room that has a cathode ray tube. If you were born after 2000, I am fairly certain you don’t even know what that is. Regardless, it’s junk, doesn’t work, and needs to be replaced. I also have two (yes, two) VCRs. Why? Fuck if I know. Regardless, they’re crying out to be replaced by Roku.

Anyway, as I was tweeting out earlier…

I have a ton of anime on my watch list, and I need to watch them. I think what keeps me from binge-watching anything is the lack of a decent chair at my desk and the fact I need to use my computer and my 17″ LCD, rather than watching them in 4K glory on a 45″ plasma beast.

I’ve also discovered the glory that is archiving my DVDs so they can be accessed via my computer.

Need a recliner too.

Blog More

I really and wanting to be more creative and have more of a ‘practical resume’ when it comes to writing. As such, I need to blog more, write some anime reviews (and other shows) and see what happens.

Bitch Less

Russian advocate Donald Trump will be president. There is literally nothing I can do about that. There’s no point in me bitching about such things anymore. Need to take more of a ‘Meh’ approach to life.

Fix Work

I’m unhappy at work. I need to fix that. I don’t know how, but I resolve to figure that out.

So how many of these will I do? Well, considering I just ate a whole pizza for dinner, the first one seems like it will be the hardest one to do. Guess we’ll see how I’ve progressed on this when I do my hardcore resolutions on April 22!

See you then!

Oh wait, I’m blogging more. Well, see you soon?


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