May 2018 | Shampoo

May 2018 | Shampoo

As a reminder, best girls existed back in the day. I honestly considered making girl-type Ranma the best girl for this month, but it was a little uncomfortable. I feel like that until Ranma accepts his/her gender fluidity, I should respect her/his desire to be known as a boy.

Shampoo is a better choice anyway.  She’s an amazing amazon who at first wanted to kill Ranma (all the while being ridiculously kawaii while doing so) but then fell in love with him (both reasons relating to her being defeated by him – feel free to read my killjoy analysis on this).

There are a dozen things that make Shampoo the best girl of Ranma ½; the way she speaks, her adorable voice (which is just as adorable in Japanese as it is in English), her sexy eyes, her evil streaks… I could go on forever.

Shampoo is the most feminine of the girls in Ranma’s circle and she’s more than happy to use that to her advantage. And while I question how much she does love Ranma (see the aforementioned link), she is the only one who doesn’t go all tsundere when confronted. I would love to have seen an outcome that resulted in Shampoo and Ranma as a couple, but I guess this is fine as it leaves her for my waifu harem.

Shampoo is our May 2018 best girl!  Check out Ranma ½ to see lots more of her (and yes I mean for that to imply nudity).

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